School admissions 2011

St Thomas Moorside C.E. Primary School

Coleridge Road, Sholver, OL1 4RL.admissionspolicyimage.gif

Tel: 0161 624 9290
Fax: 0161 620 4706


Headteacher: Mr A Laskey

When you apply for this school you must also complete the supplementary form which is at the end of the Admissions Policy.

What happened last year?

Application and admission numbers from last year can help give you a picture of how difficult it is to get into a school.

St Thomas Moorside C.E. Primary School planned to admit 30 pupils.

There were 35 applicants that listed St Thomas Moorside C.E. Primary School as one of their choices.

Only 25 places were offered.

The last child given a place was admitted under criteria 8 of the admissions policy and lived 0.215 miles away from the school.

Type of school

Voluntary Aided Church of England

Is there a nursery?


Start/finish times

8.50am - 3.15pm

Before and after school provision?

Breakfast club from 8.30am
After care club 3.00pm - 5.30pm
0161 627 4342