School admissions 2011

In-year transfers

Changing your child’s school at any other time of the year

There is no requirement for local authorities to co-ordinate in-year applications.

Application process

Parents must ensure that the in-year transfer form is completed in full and submitted with any supplementary documentation. The School Admissions Team can provide information to parents about the places still available in all schools within its area.

The form is on the Oldham Council website:

An application will not be considered more than 30 school days in advance of the intended start date. Children must be in the UK before an application can be considered.

Parents will be able to apply for any school (excluding independent schools), and give reasons for their preferences.

The application will ask the parent to:

  • Express up to three preferences
  • List their preferences in rank order
  • Give details of siblings who currently attend the preferred school
  • Give details of the child for whom the application is being made
  • Indicate if the child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs
  • Give reasons for their preferences
  • Name the child’s current school

If there are more applications than places available, Oldham Council and/or schools who are their own admissions authority will apply their oversubscription criteria.

If the school is oversubscribed the child will be placed on the waiting list.

If any of the preferences cannot be met, a place will be allocated at the school nearest to the child’s home address that has a place available. Parents who have been refused admission to any school in Oldham will be advised of their right to submit an appeal to the Independent Appeal Panel.

Applications will be processed by Oldham Council. You will need to return the in-year transfer form to Oldham Council (Contact and Help).


If you are transferring your child to one of the following schools, please return the in year transfer form to the school:

  • TBA

In-year transfers and waiting lists

If you apply for a school that is oversubscribed in the middle of the year, you will be put on a waiting list.