School admissions 2011

Things to consider before you apply

Before completing your application you should consider the following:

1. If there are enough places available at a school for all pupils who request entry, then everyone will be allocated a place.

2. If a school receives more applications than there are places available, the oversubscription criteria will be applied to determine who will be offered those places.

3. Arm yourself with the facts and be fully informed:

  • Which oversubscription group do you fall into?
  • Each school application should be discussed with all those with parental responsibility for the child as only one application per child can be accepted
  • Have you read the admissions policy for the school?
  • Were pupils offered a place in that criterion group in previous years?
  • What is the geographical priority area of the school?
  • Were people from outside the geographical priority area offered places in previous years?
  • Does your child attend a linked school?
  • For religious or faith schools, is your child or family of the particular religion orfaith served by the school? Faith schools may ask for confirmation of attendanceat a relevant place of worship. For a child to be considered as a Catholic evidence of a Catholic Baptism is required by the school
  • No child can automatically transfer from a nursery to a reception class. Where a school is oversubscribed, places in the reception class must be allocated according to the published admission criteria, with children who have attended the nursery being considered on the same basis as those who have not.
  • Do you know what will happen if any of your preferences cannot be met?

4. One of the best ways to find out more about a primary school is to make an appointment to visit the school.

We would strongly encourage you and your children to attend as many of the schools in which you are interested. Details of these can be found on the individual pages for each school (see Oldham schools).